I ended up enjoying flying!

Without wanting to write an essay I want to share my experience of hypnotherapy with you.. I, like many of you, enjoy a summer holiday with my boyfriend and children, which in turn every year, is spoilt by my anxiety of flying. My eldest daughter is travelling the world and an opportunity came up for me to go to Australia for Christmas, which literally filled me with fear, because a week in Spain involves weeks of anxiety and the last few days of my holiday marred by it again because of having to fly home again. Then I spoke to Clare Littlewood. This amazing lady literally changed my life!! She sent me her link on relaxation and positive thinking,which I listened to every night for a month when I went to bed. I then had 4 sessions of hypnotherapy, which was so relaxing it was wonderful. So, I have just returned from THE most amazing holiday of a lifetime and I didn't stress for even 1 minute in the build up to flying or for my long (2) flights there and home and the most unbelievable thing of it all is I actually enjoyed flying. Thankyou Clare from the bottom of my heart because you really were the key factor in my whole experience being made the best thing I have ever had the good fortune to do. I have already recommended you to everyone I know and I will continue to do so in the future for anyone that needs positive thinking and their lives changed by your amazing methods of relaxation and positivity. Thankyou again