Helped me cope with anxiety and tinnitus

I started hypnotherapy with Clare a few months ago because I suffer from tinnitus. When I had my initial consultation and began to share my anxiety issues, as well as explain my tinnitus, Clare began to explain to me how she can help and how I should start looking at things when my anxiety begins. These sessions have really made me change with the way I look at problems and obstacles in my life that cause anxiety. Before I started my sessions I could not sleep at night. I was sleeping till about 3 and then I would be wide awake. This was a mixture of my tinnitus and anxiety. I now sleep..ALL NIGHT!Also I'm managing to live with my tinnitus better because I'm able to go to sleep at night and stay asleep. Before I could not go to sleep because I was focusing on how loud and annoying my tinnitus is. Now I listen to a recording Clare has given to me(which makes me not focus on my tinnitus) and I still have not manged to listen to the end of the recording because I'm falling asleep so quickly. I can not explain how many ways my sessions with Clare have helped. If you are suffering with tinnitus try this because it does help. If you have any anxiety then again try this. It really does help and Clare is a lovely, kind and friendly person. Kimberley