Helped me through my grieving process

I asked Clare for hypnotherapy initially for relaxation and to help be a little more organised. I could never have been prepared for what I gained from these sessions. Clare helped me to realise my true stress and my deepest issues. Having these sessions brought to the forefront my desire to rekindle my relationship with my Father. I didn't even realise that I wanted to. I made contact with him and spent some quality time with him for two weeks before he passed away and I had the strength to be with him at the end. Clare then helped me through my grieving process and I was even able to read a poem at his funeral, something that I never thought I would be able to do. In truth my sessions with Clare changed my life. I will forever have memories I wouldn't have otherwise had. I highly recommend Clare as a hypnotherapist, she understands what you are going through and adapts the sessions accordingly. Her manner immediately relaxes you and allows you to drift away and really consider what may be going on inside of you. I know myself better now because of Clare. I am a very grateful customer.