Made me feel incredible

Hypnotherapy with Clare has been the best thing I've done, I can't speak highly enough of how great it is! I initially started off with relaxation sessions which made me feel incredible and relieved stress I didn't even know I had!

Then I moved on to battling my biggest phobia, I was apprehensive even before the session and felt instantly on edge knowing I would be discussing the one thing I hate in life, but Clare was fantastic throughout. She put me at ease and I carried out the sessions with her, and I have to admit it has totally changed me.
I'm never going to love my once phobia but I have gained perspective and I'm able to handle it and manage my reaction in a much more rational way. This for me has been something I've lived with since childhood and to be able to have achieved this with the wonderful work and guidance from Clare has been unbelievable. I highly recommend Clare  and this therapy to anyone who is open minded, willing and wanting to have a more positive outlook on life.