Hypnotherapy Questions and Answers


What does hypnosis feel like?

Being in a hypnotic trance is a wonderful, calming and relaxing experience.It is very similar to that feeling we get as we are starting to drift off to sleep and people will experience this is different ways. Some report feeling like they are floating or drifting through space; others may feel very that their arms and legs are very heavy and relaxed. People in a hypnotic trance naturally drift in and out of conscious thought and their mind and imagination will wander. After trance, clients feel very positive and uplifted and ready for the days ahead!

Can hypnotherapy help with Anxiety?

Yes. Anxiety is produced by negative and unhelpful thought patterns in the brain which have become the client's default setting. Negativity breeds negativity and it can become a vicious circle which they can't see themselves getting out of. Hypnotherapy for anxiety helps by creating new and positive thought patterns and behaviours that are accepted by the subconscious mind when in a  trance state. Through repetition, these positive suggestions start to take hold and will become the new default setting. The client is then free to live the life they want; free from negativity and instead able to see the world from a new positive perspective. Clients with anxiety would usually require 6-8 weekly sessions although this varies from person to person.

Can hypnotherapy help me lose weight?

Diets don't work! If they did we'd all be slim and healthy and we're not! To lose weight and keep it off you need to work on your mindset. If you are a person who eats when they are feeling lonely/stressed/upset then it is very unlikely that the latest diet craze will help you break those habits. It is those habits which invariably cause us to fall off the wagon. 

Weight loss and weight management via hypnosis works by creating new patterns of behaviour in the brain so that instead of reaching for the biscuits at times of stress, you instead find another new and healthier way to make yourself feel better. You will also learn to make better food choices because you will be in a focused and motivated frame of mind; easily able to focus on what it is important to you. 

Additionally, if your brain perceives that you are in some kind of stressful situation (this could be a work, relationship, family problem) then it can shut down the body's ability to burn calories as fuel. This happens because it will think you are in a dangerous situation and will decide that you need all the body fat you can get to get you through the dangerous times ahead! Hypnotherapy naturally reduces stress and calms and relaxes the mind. As a result, your stress levels will drop and your body will work with you in helping you lose weight, rather than working against you. 

Hypnotherapy for weight loss sessions are £60 each and you can expect to need 6-10 sessions in total.

Can hypnotherapy help me sleep?

Yes. My clients often notice an improvement in their quality of sleep after the first session. All clients receive a free mp3 at their initial consultation for them to listen to at night. This calms and relaxes the mind at bedtime and allows you to quieten those negative voices which often prevent you from being able to switch off. It also helps make the most of the sleep you do have and differences will be noticeable in both quality and quantity. 

Having regular hypnotherapy sessions will also reduce feelings of stress and anxiety and once free from these negative thought patterns, you'll be able to get a good night's sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and energised!

Can hypnotherapy help me pass a test?

It is often the negative thoughts and  feelings that we attach to exams and tests that are the problem. If we are nervous, feeling low in confidence and telling ourselves we are going to fail/we are stupid etc then our mind becomes clouded with negativity. As well as this, the nerves and negativity makes it very difficult to be able to revise and prepare ourselves effectively. We may also find our sleep and eating patterns are affected and all of these contribute to the feelings of stress. 

Hypnotherapy calms your mind and allows you to gain focus and clarity. Imagine walking into your exam knowing you are in the perfect frame of mind. You feel positive and focused. You feel relaxed and able to access of the information you have learnt to date. These positive feelings are achievable with hypnotherapy and the skills and coping strategies you learn can be applied to all areas of your life.

Can hypnotherapy help with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)?

Yes. NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) have identified that hypnotherapy can be helpful for individuals who have been diagnosed with IBS but for whom treatment has not provided any relief. 

There is a strong connection between the gut and the nervous system and because of this ,stress and anxiety can become a major factor in how severely the IBS symptoms are felt. Anxiety aggravates the symptoms of IBS and IBS in itself causes anxiety; sufferers often find themselves in a vicious circle where they feel they are unable to cope with their condition. They may feel embarrassed and as a result they may become withdrawn- this can lead to depression and other unwanted symptoms. 

Hypnotherapy can calm the mind of the IBS sufferer so that they relax and are able to gain perspective over their condition. They can learn to cope better with their symptoms and develop coping strategies for times when they have a flare up. Anxiety will also be reduced which will stop the vicious circle.

Can hypnotherapy get rid of my phobia?

A phobia is a negative emotional template in the brain which has formed over time. Phobias tend to be irrational and in moments of clarity, the sufferer can see that their phobic responses aren't particularly logical. However put them in front of the object of their fear and they will quickly lose all intellectual control and run for the hills! 

Thankfully just  as this emotional template has been put into the brain, it can also be removed. Phobia elimination is achieved in only 4 sessions and is done so in a calm and extremely effective way.