The importance of getting your Zzzzzzzz's

How is your sleep? Do you have trouble getting off to sleep in the first place? Do you wake up at 3am and find it impossible to get back to sleep? Do you wake up too early?

Sleep and hypnotherapy

 In the Great British Sleep Survey, 82% of people said they were kept awake by worrying about what happened today and what would happen tomorrow and 71% of the participants also said that they lay in bed worrying about what the future may hold as well as what had happened in the past. We have all been there where we stare at the ceiling, willing our brain to shut down and just let us sleep but clearly for some this is a nightly occurrence. The worst effects of poor sleep can be seen in the following day or days where the person can feel lethargic, ill, confused and depressed. The people who responded to the survey were found to feel 7 times more helpless compared to good sleepers, 5 times more likely to feel lonely and twice as likely to have relationship problems.

So we can get a picture of why sleep is so important! When you are sleeping you go in and out of restorative sleep and REM (rapid eye movement) sleep and these are both very important. The restorative sleep is there to repair the body in preparation for the next day - without this our bodies start to shut down. REM sleep is important because it sorts through the contents of the mind and files it away to make sense of it all. Both of these are vital for our physical and mental wellbeing; lack of sleep can be disastrous. There is a reason why sleep deprivation has been used as a form of torture in the past! 

So how can hypnotherapy help? Listening to a hypnotherapy or relaxation CD before bed relaxes the mind and body and will often sort out any sleep issues in itself. Combining this with regular hypnotherapy will calm the mind and help you focus on the positive things in your life, leaving you to feel good about everything you have to feel good about. Hypnotherapy lifts depression and alleviates anxiety, helping you realise that worrying about what might or might not happen does not help you. So that when you get into bed you can drop off easily and get a good nights rest- ready to face the next day.

My clients are given a free relaxation CD or digital download after their free initial consultation and all report an improvement in sleep from this alone. To book your initial consultation contact Clare on 07490 763516 or fill in the form on the Hypnotherapy enquiry consultation page.